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Is there something missing that's keeping you from being the leader you aspire to be?

The reality is… the desire to lead isn’t enough to produce the kind of results necessary to launch your career to the next level.

That’s why you’re here

There’s something missing that’s keeping you from becoming the fierce, female leader you can be.

It's not your fault

We don't get taught how to embody female leadership at school...

Dear Future Leader...

Do you keep expecting to be recognized for your talent and achievements BUT…

.....Despite being super qualified to get that promotion - being earmarked “high potential” and paying your dues – you don't feel as confident in your leadership skills and it shows in your interviews.

.....You’re offered a high visibility stretch assignment, and you’re left to figure it out on your own – sink or swim – without the mentorship you need, worried that you’ll fail at critical moments. 

.....You get your hopes up when you’re invited to join important meetings, and… when you share your brilliance you're interrupted, or worse, your ideas are hijacked leaving you wondering “Why am I even here?”

.....Your typical self-confidence has taken a hit and self doubt creeps in: “I can't fail” and “I don't have ALL the qualifications they're looking for", or “There’s so much at stake” and you let key opportunities slip.


Even if the C-suite doesn't interest you, are you ready to be a Superwoman right where you are?

Hello, I’m Alicia Rodriguez, the creator of Superwoman CEO™. When I was asked this question I honestly thought I was ready. I was fully focused on doing great work and I believed, and expected, that my work would speak for itself. 

Turns out I was so so wrong. 

I ended up learning the hard way that if I truly wanted to achieve my goals and manifest my dreams I going to have to learn to stand up for myself. Once I understood and accepted my journey I naturally sought an alternative path of leadership coaching. 

For the past 20 years I’ve been blessed to work with the most amazing clients - women and men - who knew that a leader existed within them but they couldn’t quite get there.  

Most had the What but not the How. My job has been to awaken that leader within by teaching, guiding and supporting my clients to reach that potential leader living inside.

“It's about being the CEO of your own life...”

I’ve been called a coach, a storyteller, a leader and a wisdom partner.  However, my favorite moniker is catalyst because it best describes what I do - 

I ignite potential.

Women bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to leadership that are often overlooked or under-valued. Despite advances for women in business it’s clear that there’s a long way to go.

Women are still ignored when it comes to high visibility projects.

They're still admonished for being too emotional (read passionate) or too aggressive (read assertive). 

I finally found it unacceptable not to share with women what I’ve learned from coaching successful senior executives who know how to influence, get things done and assert their right to lead without trading in their soul or hiding who they truly are. 

And so, Superwoman CEO™ was conceived.

Today's Superwoman is confident, ambitious and influential. And...she cares about making a difference, being authentic, showing compassion and leading with purpose. This is the NEW Superwoman!

Superwoman CEO™ is NOT about dominating the board room or learning how to command others.

It’s more personal than that.  

It’s about agency - being empowered to take your career and your life into your own hands and not to turn your destiny over to others who don’t value you.

It’s about being the CEO of your own life - in very practical ways.

Everything you learn in the program will translate into feeling more confident, being more at ease with yourself and finding more meaning and joy in your life.  

It’s personal not just business. Because smart women know, it’s the same thing.

You can’t be successful in one area and not be successful in the other.

I’m inviting you to join our community of women who choose to thrive at work, in their careers and in their lives. Women who choose to learn from each other, to support one another and to go for what they desire and deserve. 

We’ll all learn so much from each other!

Join us in the Superwoman CEO™ program and ignite your potential!

I believe in you. Isn't it time you did too?

with love, Alicia


"The time I spent with Alicia was an invaluable journey in my career development. She taught me about authentic leadership and how to inspire others to be their best. How to motivate and excite teams and engage on a higher level. Her coaching instilled confidence and reflection in the way I work with others. Her approach is direct and honest, always driving home the core principles of what makes a great leader. My time with Alicia was immensely rewarding, both professionally and personally!"

Electa Varnish
SVP, Sales, VF Sportswear, Inc. – Nautica

"As a woman executive, Alicia was the ideal professional coach to guide me to be more effective in my role, and in managing my career. She is an expert listener, and can distill lots of information into salient and relevant facts. The things she taught me advanced my professional maturity, and gave me amazing tools to help handle difficult situations. I am a better leader because of our time together."

Diane Woods
VP and General Manager of North America at Timberland

"Alicia is a gifted coach that I would recommend. She has a rare combination of practical, implementable tools that improved my skill level with a deep understanding of the challenges of personal development. What energy! "

Andrea Nemtin
President/CEO at Inspirit Foundation

Superwoman CEO™

the online leadership development program for women has everything you need to build confidence, lead effectively and get paid what you're worth.

It’s the only leadership program that gives you the how to apply in your daily life as well as the accountability you need to move from emerging leader to rocking a senior level position.


It hands you a PROVEN roadmap. Go from where you are today, to where you want to be – so you’ll never have to wonder why you didn’t get that significant promotion you thought was yours.


Stop wasting your time repeating strategies that don’t get you past a mid-level position – and instead, align everything you do with your goal of landing a leading position that serves your interests, needs and purpose.


Kim's been where you are.
But she didn't let anything stop her. She did the work she needed to do


CEO, CSG Consulting, Seattle, WA

“Now I get to define what
success looks like.”

"After a long career working with three Fortune 500 companies, flying corporate jets, traveling the world and advising the C-suite, I had to admit …

This just wasn’t my idea of success!

I was struggling. I felt stressed. I was chronically fatigued.

Enter Alicia, again.

Alicia has always been my advocate, coaching me to make career moves that included a whopping 100% increase in compensation (and other perks, like a monthly Spa-day, extra vacation days and paid relocation). 

She was instrumental in landing top positions at Amazon and Nordstrom, preparing me for my interviews and ensuring I demanded top dollar.

But, when I was struggling even with all my corporate success, it was Alicia I turned to, again.

Alicia has brought awareness to where stress shows up in my life and… how to deal with it!

Alicia gave the solid support to make the big steps in my life, to step out on my own, both personally and professionally.

What separates Alicia from all the other coaches out there is that she’s spiritual, but breaks it down into actionable advice. I call it "practical practice."

That surpasses advice like… meditate for 45-minutes, take deep breaths, imagine your happy place or stare at your vision board for 20 minutes!

Alicia taught me how to…

  • Say NO
  • Accept that I am enough
  • Define what it is that matters most

She showed me a bigger view of my world, and turned me into a better leader, a better person and a better partner.

Thanks, Alicia for helping me define what success looks like – for ME!"

If you’re committed to taking action Superwoman CEO™ WILL get you results!

Inside the Superwoman CEO™ program you’ll find actionable strategies, scripts and game-changing leadership skills – that help you focus on the high-impact to-dos that increase your effectiveness without burning you out.

  • High visibility projects
  • A seat at the executive table
  • Significant promotions

Feel on track, knowing exactly what to do – and not to do – to create high performing teams, influence critical strategies and take the daily actions necessary to become a highly valued, - and compensated - member of your organization. In short, you’ll learn…

...everything you need to make your career wildly successful, according to YOUR definition of that word.

You deserve to know the secrets (you won't find these anywhere else) that got women like Kim and Leanne no less than a 100% increase in their compensation, as well as the sheer excitement of wielding their influence – while staying true to who they are.

Joining Superwoman CEO™ means you’ll be part of a tight-knit sisterhood of emerging, female leaders that share your goals (and challenges) and will offer you the support, accountability and virtual hugs you need to stay on your "A" game.

Who is a Superwoman CEO ™?

  • An emerging female leader – who wants to be more successful…
  • Without being someone she’s not...
  • On her own terms...
  • Even if she would rather be an entrepreneur or team leader and not a CEO...

I’ve wrapped everything I’ve learned from 20+ years of coaching executives in Fortune 500 companies – plus a master’s degree in Women’s Development and a Leadership Coach Certification from Georgetown University – into a one-stop-power-source for women like you.

No dry theory. But things you can apply – starting today – to do a much better job.

Whether you’re leading a small team, a complete department, your own business or more… you’ll find someone you can relate to inside of Superwoman CEO TM

 … a women who’s been where you are now, and can help you fill in the gaps.

And inside of your private SWC Community Forum you can ask any question, share your story and have us all chime in – so you can UP your confidence and unleash your potential - no apologies allowed!

Superwoman CEO™ is the perfect choice
for you if…

…you can check 4 out of 6 boxes below. You owe it to yourself to give Superwoman CEO™ a fair, ZERO RISK chance…

  • You’re moving or have moved into a position with more leadership responsibilities and you want to make sure you succeed quickly and avoid mistakes.
  • You’ve been trying to land a promotion for months but you aren't feeling confident enough in your leadership skill level and it shows in your interviews.
  • You’ve already put in serious effort (like taking on projects that require you to grow, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and asking for endorsements), now you want to make sure your actions are aligned with your desire for more authority and responsibility and compensation (or… maybe it's working remotely from whatever location you choose!).
  • You’re keenly aware of how your career would change, if only you knew how to consistently land high visibility projects and influence key decisions and strategies that make a difference.
  • You don’t have time to waste. As in… no desire to inch your way up that corporate ladder whatsoever. You want to accelerate your career by having one power source to tap into that cares about YOU and your specific challenges instead of being grouped into an arbitrary and generalized set of training sessions provided by your organization.

And last but not least…

  • You’re willing to TEST Superwoman CEO™ with NO RISK. Seriously…let’s spend the next 30 days to increase your confidence, define yourself as a leader, and become a strategic thinker and you'll begin to experience yourself as the leader you know you can be. And unless Superwoman CEO™ makes true on its promise, simply send me a note for a full and immediate refund. You have nothing to lose but your daily stress of wondering if you're good enough for that next level.

Superwoman CEO™ is NOT for you if…

  • You’re OK with feeling invisible, getting interrupted and having others run away with your ideas.
  • You’re NOT interested in advancing your career and increasing your confidence – and you'd rather stay with the status quo.
  • You want to go it alone. You’re not open to the support of other women or networking with the next generation of female leaders.
  • You believe career life and personal life aren’t connected – and get hives when people use words like “spiritual” and "self-care" and "purpose".

Here are some common Questions Women Ask Before Joining Superwoman CEO™

The women that ask the MOST questions before saying YES to Superwoman CEO™ are often the ones that get promoted within months. Here’s why: They… don’t mess around ask the tough questions take calculated risks And their courage to invest in themselves is followed by a rock-solid commitment to give it their best shot. In short, they act like TRUE leaders. In the end, I only want you to join Superwoman CEO™ if you feel that this program is the missing link between you knowing you’re a born leader… and actually being one.

Sure, that seems reasonable. After all, there’s so much great training out there, but…

If you go for a training on conflict management one Wednesday afternoon in September, and in early January you’re faced with having to lay off a team member, you won’t remember what to say or how to act.

Unlike these singular events, Superwoman CEO™ offers you proven scripts (you get to practice over time), as well as invaluable feedback (from me and your course companions in the private, Superwoman CEO™ FB community).

Here's what one student said: 

In my new position I already see some of these principles put into practice. Since I am in a "middle" position I continually have to create collaboration and build bridges between groups of people and getting things accomplished. I find reminding each other of these things make a huge difference. ~ Elisa Blethen

Superwoman CEO™ is the next best thing to hiring a coach.

Ideally, you’d have an executive coach on speed dial and… hiring a coach for a 24 hours/6-month package will cost you $7200 to $12,000 (fine if you’re making 300K a year, but not feasible if you’re a midlevel manager with a mortgage with a boss who won't pay for your coaching).

PLUS, if you DO want me to coach you, you can choose the Superwoman CEO™ VIP Edition ($1499 instead of $997) and you’ll get access to me – private coaching sessions, email exchanges and “Last Minute Laser Session” whenever you need me the most – TOTAL VALUE $2500.

Superwoman CEO™ is created with busy women like you in mind:

No wading through endless modules or hour long lessons (no lesson is more than 25 minutes)… just applicable strategies you can use that same day in your job. 

Invest as little as an hour a week and save more hours as you begin to lead more efficiently (the course is self -facilitated so you go at your pace, no rushing, and at your convenience). And because you have life-time access to it, even if you need to take a break the lessons will always be there for you to review.

Superwoman CEO™ will show you how to lead at any level (be more visible, more influential, more confident), AND… it’ll prepare you to put yourself forward for a promotion when the opportunity arises (and it will).

PLUS changing jobs frequently is the REALITY now. So – even if there’s no possibility to step into a senior position right now, 3, 6, or 12 months down the line you might find yourself in a completely new scenario with new possibilities.




If you can’t imagine spending more than 60 minutes a week learning and implementing – or the investment still feels a little scary – the Independent Study Edition is perfect for you.

You’ll get…

  • The complete, 6 module Superwoman CEO™ curriculum
  • Access to all the resources incl. templates, scripts and guides
  • All 3 bonuses – including the __CEO Women Reveal Interviews__  candid conversations with CEO women – sharing the secrets behind their success.
  • An invite to the private, Superwoman CEO™ Community Forum




Fast track your results with this VIP level including executive coaching from me, email access and more – YOUR chance to get individual attention without paying into a $12,000 executive coaching package.

You’ll get…

  • The complete, 6 module Superwoman CEO™ curriculum
  • Access to all the resources incl. templates, scripts and guides
  • All 3 bonuses – including the __CEO Women Reveal Interviews__ candid conversations with CEO women – sharing the secrets behind their success.
  • An invite to the private, Superwoman CEO™ Community Forum

And on top of that…

  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions – within three months of registration – Value: $1500
  • Email coaching – up to 10 email exchanges within three months of registration – Value: $1000
  • One, 30-minute real-time laser session – last minute, whenever you need me the most, within three months of registration – Value: $500

There’s a huge risk that when you speak up and show up confidently people will tune in and listen, and that you’ll get noticed and even promoted within months.

Besides that, the risk is 100% on me.

Register and check it out for a FULL 30 DAYS… and… if you’re not happy with it send me an email and you’ll receive a FULL and immediate refund.

There’s only one condition.

You have to show me you’ve gone through the material and done the homework.

However, I know Superwoman CEO™ will give you such a SPIKE in confidence, you wouldn’t dream of returning it, even if I gave you DOUBLE your money back. You'll begin to see a difference right away as you practice the lessons and start using the scripts and templates.

I open up registration only once a year right now. That's it. There may or may not be future rounds of Superwoman CEO™ and if so, the price will be higher. 

And remember, once you enroll you’ll always have access to the curriculum even with future enhancements at no additional cost.

So... if you're still on the fence, this might be a good time >>> join us now by clicking your chosen option below >>>

Independent Study Edition
VIP Edition Reservation

Interested in what you'll learn?

Superwoman CEO™ consists of 6 modules, plus bonus scripts, templates and interviews. Each module is created to help you get promotion-ready and… teach you how to WILDLY SUCCEED at your new role.




Director Community Affairs, Capitol ONE, Washington, DC

“Yesterday they announced my new promotion!”

"Alicia helped me lay the foundation of my career success – my non-negotiables. And did I ever need them!

I remember being offered a job that ticked 4 out of 5 boxes. I called up Alicia – all excited – and she replied: “Does it back up against your non-negotiables?” I said “well, no… but….” And Alicia replied: “BUT WHAT?!” she unleashed on me – Alicia-style – and that moment is burned into my memory.

I can still recall exactly where I was and thinking: “This is the pivotal moment I needed.”

Especially as a woman, I didn’t want to ask for more. I didn’t know how.

I had this pattern of accommodating other people.

When it came down to it, it took A LOT of strength and courage to hold tight to my non-negotiables and have faith something better would show up.

Alicia told me to hang up the phone, call back the negotiation guy and turn down the offer.

I did.

And I haven’t looked back.

Alicia helped me get crystal clear on my needs, requirements and interests. And with every job move I’ve made since then, I’ve revisited the non-negotiables.

They’ve been pivotal in getting what I need – in work, deals in projects, even relationships!

Yesterday they announced my new promotion.

It was the capacity to speak up and articulate what I want that got me the promotion.

I felt no angst around opening a dialogue and speaking my truth.

I was able to push back and be candid.

Since working with Alicia I’ve more than doubled my salary, and… equally important:

By reaching the executive level, I’ve increased the potential for even more: financial opportunities, like having access to profit sharing, and a more robust bonus and compensation structure. But also the opportunity for even greater flexibility with my schedule. On top of that I’m dealing with the C-suite most of the time. The people I dreamed of working with from the very beginning.

Thank you, Alicia, for everything you’ve taught me!"

"I took the course because I needed to be a better advocate for myself with my supervisors. I felt stuck in my current role and wanted to move upward. This course has given me the tools and confidence to do that."

Radhika Moran
Emerging Leader

"Alicia's personality, style, wisdom and knowledge provide all the pieces to learning some tough lessons. She provided extensive knowledge of each topic along with real life examples.  Alicia went further, encouraging us to dig deeper into our own situations for real life (personal or professional) examples. It is apparent that Alicia stays educated and informed in her field as well as in the business world."

Diane Andrusin
Virtual Diva LLC

"The course was affordable and convenient. The material covered was relevant and familiar for my position as Vice President and adaptable for any industry. I would recommend Alicia’s on-line program and would attend another on-line program offered by her."

Carolyn Dunning
Vice President, Nautica

Independent Study Edition vs VIP Program Level – Which one should YOU choose?



If you can’t imagine spending more than 60 minutes a week learning and implementing – or if the investment still feels a little scary – the Independent Study Edition is perfect for you. 
You’ll get…  

  • The complete, 6-module Superwoman CEO™ curriculum
  • Access to all the resources including templates, scripts and guides
  • All 3 bonuses – including the _CEO Women Reveal Interviews__ candid conversations with CEO women – sharing the secrets behind their success. 
  • An invite to the private, Superwoman CEO™ Community Forum 


VIP EDITION [first 20 8 enrollments only]

Fast-track your results with this VIP level including executive coaching from me, email access and more – YOUR chance to get access to me without paying into a $12,000 executive coaching package.  
You’ll get…  

  • The complete, 6-module Superwoman CEO™ curriculum
  • Access to all the resources including templates, scripts and guides 
  • All 3 bonuses – including the __CEO Women Reveal Interviews__ candid conversations with Superwomen CEO’s – sharing the secrets behind their success. 
  • An invite to the private, Superwoman CEO™ Community Forum 

And on top of that…  

  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions – within three months of registration – Value: $1500
  • Email coaching – up to 10 email exchanges within three months of registration – Value: $1000
  • One, 30-minute real-time laser session – last minute, whenever you need me the most, within three months of registration – Value: $500

The World Doesn't Need More Women Playing It Small

Claim your place at THAT table.  Earn what you're worth, deepen your impact on the world and become the leader in every area of your life.

I can assure you that once you go through Superwoman CEO™ you'll:

  • Be promotion ready and positioned to negotiate well for your next role
  • You’ll be more confident and competent to lead from a place of authenticity able to shift from tactical management to strategic leadership.
  • You'll be so masterful at communicating that you’ll be at ease transforming difficult conversations into breakthrough opportunities.
  • You'll know how to inspire and motivate your team- and your boss will notice too.
  • You’ll wake up each morning motivated and excited for the day.
  • More than anything….you’ll finally recognize that not only are you enough but you're awesome!  

Here’s to your success story!

I believe in you. Isn't it time you did too?

P.S. whatever you choose… I want you to FULLY OWN your decision.  If the timing isn’t right, you'll know it.

Just like you'll know that this is exactly what you've been looking for. Tailored learning with a community of ambitious women who want the leadership skills to make a difference in their companies, communities and their lives. You'll know if you're ready to join that community!

And… if you feel fear talking, I’m inviting you to take a courageous leap into fulfilling your potential as a leader, and choosing the level that’s just right for you (risk free) – right now.

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