I am so happy I chose to work with Alicia! I hired her to coach me during a huge transition in my life. It was a great decision! Right away it was clear to me that she knew what she was doing. Over a period of months, with Alicia’s skillful guidance I have navigated the rapids and am now in calmer waters. I can’t overstate the value of Alicia’s experience. She asks amazingly insightful questions, supports sessions with relevant materials, (often her own excellent articles and blog posts) all of which are perfectly on target. The fieldwork she suggested was always beneficial. There is nothing superficial about Alicia’s approach. Her many years of experience and her spiritual - not religious- foundation resonated with me, making the work we did together rich and rewarding. Working with Alicia has been life-changing. You can count on these things: she is experienced, insightful, creative, intuitive, and committed to the work she does - an excellent coach - an amazing human being, Alicia is the real deal.

Marsha Wallace, Founder, National Women's Non Profit

What a journey these past 12 months have been.  You really have helped kick off a necessary introspection my life needed because I was finding myself so blindsided in my career.  It's funny how introspection can lead to greater vision.  As I dig deeper, more is revealed.  Now it's become of a more spiritual nature and it's humbling how powerful it is.  I can see the sentinels that have been placed on my path so much more clearly now and the pathways they're illuminating, making accessible to me is leaving me in utter awe. You've been a wonderful sentinel. Thank you for illuminating a pathway for me.

Monique Castillo

Quiero volver a agradecer tu acompañamiento que para mi fue significativo pues al repasar ello me doy cuenta que fue con absoluta libertad y honestidad conmigo y contigo desde el primer encuentro y eso fue pura gracia. Yo no suelo darme tan fácilmente y menos cuando la vida es la que esta siendo tocada, pero me ayudo para saber por donde debía hacer el camino.

L. Silva, Chile

Alicia is willing to be courageously candid in offering her perspective, as well as asking bold questions that not only invite introspection, but sound a wake-up call to your truest self. She develops creative approaches to examining the self and improving your skills.

Diana Newton, Executive Coach, PA

The questions Alicia asks help me to discover new ways of thinking. Her intuitive approach allows me to sort out and focus on what is truly important. She helps me to make the right choices—choices that open up new opportunities. I credit my coaching sessions with Alicia not only to gratifying professional success and increased confidence, but also to a deep sense of personal satisfaction from working through the process with this talented mentor.

Kate Campbell, Seattle

Alicia's amazing insight has helped me to navigate my way through extremely difficult situations. Her deep understanding of human nature, extensive business experience and unique approach to problem solving, have opened my mind to many possibilities and always produce highly successful results. She is an inspiration to me.

Mary Anne Richman - MARS Productions, Inc. Master at creating inspired meetings and unforgettable experiences

The course was affordable and convenient. (Rock Your Career) The material covered was relevant and familiar for my position as Vice President and adaptable for any industry. I would recommend Alicia’s on-line program and would attend another on-line program offered by her. Alicia’s knowledge and experience provided thoughtful advice and guidance. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! I ended every session revived and up for any challenge! I am very lucky to have been a part of this program. 

Carolyn Dunning, Vice President, Planning & Wholesale Dept Stores, Nautica

Most outstanding for me was really understanding and working to modify the behaviors that were holding me back – tactical preoccupation, tentative language, hesitancy to associate and network with peers at the appropriate level, etc.  This was a great opportunity to really look at my behaviors and myself and understand how to change those behaviors for success.

Kimberly Reuter, Former Corporate Executive, Current Entrepreneur

The first thing you recognize in Alicia is that she is authentic. Because of this, there is an immediate trust that she will do what she says and knows what she is doing. She is at once bold, fearless and compassionate. Alicia is a great asset to any organization, team or individual looking to access and develop their leadership potential.

Bob Bunshaft - Principal, Co-Founder at Corporate Acumen Partners

Alicia is the first person I think of when I am working with a senior executive that happens to be a woman. Whose needs at the time can best be met by another woman who can resonate in that special way. Alicia is that kind of woman. Her combination of education, experience and presence are especially valuable when dealing with all the competing commitments that today's executives face.

Peter Schwartz - Startup Specialist now helping business owners grow their business and develop the leadership team

Alicia blew my mind with a professional coaching session I had with her. I always knew that as entrepreneurs we need help to improve our capacity for vision, leadership, strategy and values, but I didn't know much guidance I needed. Thank you Alicia for being so professional and helpful. Our conversation is shaping me to improve my skills as entrepreneur.

Paola Moya - Chief Executive Officer / Marshall Moya Architects, DC

Alicia provided executive coaching and leadership consultation to our organization and with great success. Alicia is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and was able to provide tactical advice and recommendations for specific challenges, along with thoughtful and insightful guidance for longer term strategy initiatives.

Linda Strohmeyer - Board Chair: Prosperity Catalyst, Board Director: Vision Trust International

Alicia is the consummate executive coach. She is deeply supportive yet at the same time skillfully direct, and helps her mentees make courageous decisions about adapting their management style. And she is incredibly creative in helping people learn new skills and competencies. What energy!

Sarah Degnan Kambou - President, International Center for Research on Women

Alicia is everything a coach should be. She pushes you to be your best. As the old saying goes, "you need to do the work in order to cross the moat." In order to really define who you are as a leader and un-tap transformative creativity, there is some work involved. Alicia will help steer you in the right direction and ensure you get it done.

Luis Guardia - COO at ONE Campaign

I highly recommend Alicia Rodriguez as a "wisdom partner" for any organization committed to internally developing future leaders. She has been instrumental in cultivating leaders through individual and group coaching. An ideal partner, she is confidential and trustworthy while driving for results.

Gerri Mason Hall - Corporate Vice President, Learning and Performance, Sodexo

I've had the pleasure of working with Alicia on several occasions. When working with clients I have found her to be professional, confident, articulate, and client-focused. Alicia often brings a fresh point of view to situations. I find her to be outcome driven and someone with whom I can easily collaborate.

Carl Benscoter - Senior Vice President at Full Circle Group




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