How about 365 days of Mindfulness Practices?

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Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You

More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days

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Better than Starbucks and cheaper than therapy.

Start your morning with a few paragraphs of inspiration, a new insight or a simple mindfulness practice to bring more calm, joy and less stress into your daily life.

"Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You is a book of daily reminders to help you live authentically—365 well thought out and carefully crafted readings, tips, and beautiful inspirational guidance to set your life compass daily! I love it, and have no hesitation in recommending this book to my students, colleagues, and friends. It’s a book that serves."

Michael Lee, M.A.
Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and author of Turn Stress into Bliss

Couldn't you use some peace in your life?

So many of you begin your day frazzled, your mind full of your to do list items, needing to get your kids and yourself out the door, dealing with traffic and everything that awaits you at work. Just five minutes of reading as you have your morning coffee will help you begin the day with greater calm and the resources to maintain it throughout the day.
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