UNSCRIPTED! Coaching Conversations


Learn the secrets to maintaining your confidence even when self-doubt creeps in. 

Listen in to a coaching session between Alicia Rodriguez and her client "Tara" where they discuss how to build confidence, the secret to executive presence, the role of self-talk, how the body is your best resource in self-management and how affirmations can be most effective in sustaining confidence. 


Learn How To

Use confidence to create a personal brand that gets noticed.

Learn How To

Speak confidently every time even if you are an introvert.

Learn How To

Use affirmations to release fear and self-doubt.

The Real Deal!

In this UNSCRIPTED audio coaching session Alicia and her client "Tara" will unravel the secrets to leadership presence and a confident demeanor even when self-doubt creeps in.

Additionally, Alicia will share practical tips and a unique approach to building confidence based on energy and mindset. She’ll describe how fear can limit your interactions and provide an alternative for achieving your desired outcome.

An added bonus, at the end of the coaching session you’ll learn how mantras or affirmations can be effective in maintaining your confidence even when you feel fear or doubt.


This masterful coaching session addresses common issues women (and men) face every day as they move into leadership positions. Even if you use ONLY ONE practice, you'll notice a dramatic change in your mindset and ability to influence decisions.


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