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I'm Alicia Rodriguez. I've worked with individuals all over the world to improve their leadership, find more purpose and meaning in their life and engage deeper conversations that enlighten and develop self-knowledge.

Now you can work with me one/one, through my courses or through my Conscious Living Year Long Mentorship.



Conscious Living is a lifestyle that combines mindfulness and presence with action and agency. The result is work and life that bring heart and meaning into your life. 

And who doesn't want that?

Join a community of visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs and life dare devils!

Take a quantum leap in your life!


Take the world by storm and lead with heart and mind.

Professional Development


Stop drifting and get into the driver seat of your life.

Personal Development


Join a community of people who inspire, reflect and act.

Year Long Mentorship

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A holistic look at your life - Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit.

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It's more than's living to your fullest potential...

COURSES that are affordable, convenient and fit your lifestyle.

COACHING from master coaches, global leaders and experts.

CONVERSATIONS, authentic and live, that have heart and meaning.

"Thank you so much for offering these courses.  It is wonderful to feel connected with others.  I am in a transition and the content helps clarify my next steps."

Michelle Rhodd

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