Where driven and determined women gather for coffee and conversations that nudge, inspire and teach them to live and lead confidently and joyfully.

Are you ready for REAL conversations?

Do you love strong coffee?
Do you love real, no BS conversations that have boldness and soul?
Are you ready to embody your highest creative expression?

Maybe you're running a company, creating art, inspiring and managing a family, leading a community or starting a socially conscious project?

Are you ready to stop putting your life on pause?

My mission is to help you reach the full potential of your creative expression by supporting you to integrate your heart, mind, body and, most importantly, spirit.

That's what Conscious Living is all about!



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"Recently I was in the midst of a huge transition and was struggling to make sense of things. I reached out to Alicia and the conversation was extraordinary. She listened, reflected to me what she saw and heard, shared some references that were most helpful. I felt championed, big time."

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC
Leadership Coach

Connection through Community (and Coffee)

I love listening to your goals, aspirations and desires for 2019 and beyond. And I have a question for you. (Ok, a few questions for you.)

What if, in just one year, you could say, “I created the life and work of my dreams!”

What if this happened as a result of deeper, authentic, bold conversations with a community of like-minded women in your local coffee shop (the virtual one that's actually at your house or office)?

If we imagine it we can create it – together…


2019 is the year it all comes together.

What if those conversations could teach you how to…

  • Better manage your time and your energy

  • Balance your work and personal life so each is fulfilling

  • Release yourself from negative self-talk

  • Build your confidence to ask for what you want and need

  • Prioritize self-care practices without feeling guilt

  • Accept that you are not only “enough” but AWESOME

  • Get organized and feel more in control of your life

  • Discover and align with your soul purpose

  • Focus on what really matters to you instead of wasting energy on stuff that frustrates or depletes you

  • Discover the deeper meaning to life’s events instead of reacting to circumstances

  • To use the flow of life to shift from struggle and sacrifice to creation and fulfilment

  • Practice mindfulness techniques that actually work and fit into your life

  • Eliminate distractions, relationships and activities that deplete you and replace them with those that energize and inspire you

And what if this community also taught you how to…?

  • Find your authentic voice without worrying about what others think
  • Create and grow a purpose-driven business
  • Articulate what you stand for and what you offer without apology
  • Not only seize but create opportunities for career and business growth
  • Become more pro-active and less reactive about how you lead your business
  • Keep the flame of creativity going without having it burn you out
  • Identify key relationships (clients, partners, friendships) that support your life and business
  • Prioritize your ideas and your passion work by creating one focus and strategic alignment
  • Simplify your life and work by creating systems that allow for more flow and less resistance
  • Enhance your business and leadership skills without sacrificing your personal well-being

And what if all that cost less than your monthly coffee budget at Starbucks?



I’ve been coaching and working with individuals all over the world for over 20 years. My work has been evolving; I started with life coaching, built a six-figure corporate coaching business and am now focusing on leadership and personal development for women.

Those of you who've known me for a long time have been a vital part of that evolution and I’m so grateful for the role you have played in my own development. The role that we can all play for each other within The Coffee Collective!

Do you feel like you keep going in circles….

...trying to manage all the roles you play in life.

You're done with exaggerated claims of transformation and you're looking for real conversations with women who have done what you want to do.

You're not interested in something so highly structured that you find yourself filling up your calendar with appointments, classes and webinars. You'd prefer to learn on your own terms and at your own convenience.

You may feel that your career has hit a plateau and no matter how hard you work, you’re still not getting the results you want.

You may be struggling with some significant changes in your life and could use some advice on how to maintain your optimism and confidence to create more calm in your life. 

You intuitively know that if you were focused on the RIGHT steps, and getting the RIGHT support, you’d be golden - but with all the advice out there… you don’t know how to decide what that is. 

I’d LOVE to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, making shifts in the way you think about your life so you attract more possibilities that inspire you to grow. 

I’ve helped thousands of individuals see HUGE results in their life and business and I’d love to help you too.

No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Join us and let’s make this your most successful year yet.

Let's have deeper conversations without the BS. 

Let's keep growing and learning. 

Let's GIVE more to RECEIVE more because it makes you happy.

Benefit from the different perspectives of other driven and determined people - sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees!

It’s time to dispel the myth that you have to sacrifice your own needs and dreams to do purpose driven work or enjoy a life that allows you to express all of who you are.

Indeed, it’s just the opposite.


I should introduce myself in case we haven't met...

I'm Alicia Rodriguez. I work with executive women, visionary leaders and creative and social entrepreneurs who struggle with managing their resiliency in the face of today's complexity and fast pace and instead want to lead more purposefully while maintaining their health, wellbeing and inspiration. 

In a nutshell, I help people have better conversations with themselves.

"I am so happy I chose to work with Alicia during a huge transition in my life. She asks amazingly insightful questions. There is nothing superficial about Alicia's approach. Working with Alicia has been life-changing. She is experienced, insightful, creative, intuitive, and committed to the work. "

Marsha Wallace
Change Agent

What's Your "Why"?

I’ve been having conversations with my clients around their purpose – around their WHY? So before I tell you about my BIG IDEA I’d like to share my why.

I believe that every woman has the right to her full creative expression.

My mission is to help you reach the full potential of your creative expression integrating heart, mind, body and most importantly spirit.

That’s why I'm creating an online community for women (and perhaps a few brave men) around two things that I’m passionate about…

Coffee…and…meaningful conversations….sounds good to me!

WHO IS THIS FOR (and not for)?

It's not for you if you're not interested in creating a more purpose-driven life.

It's not for you if you are stuck in a victim mentality and you are choosing to continue to abdicate control of your life to your external circumstances.

It's not for you if you cringe at the words spirituality, wholeness or consciousness.

It's not for you if you're not driven and determined.


  • A woman who may be feeling a bit isolated personally despite having a lot of people in her life.
  • Someone who is consciously choosing to improve their life but doesn’t know how or hasn’t had the support.
  • An individual who is willing to be curious about unknown possibilities, will try new ways to do things, is open to new perspectives and will be thoughtful about ideas that challenge your world view.
  • An intuitive, creative (introverted) soul that prefers to quietly make a difference through her art, through her advocacy or through her personal contribution to the betterment of others.
  • An awakened business owner or leader who feels like they can’t have deeper, more meaningful, even spiritual, conversations with people at work because they may be seen as weak, fluffy or even worse “woo-woo”, yet they know that this is the foundation of their authentic leadership. 
  • A successful woman who is already achieving great things but is faced with moments of self-doubt, a lack of confidence in critical situations and sometimes feels like she’ll be discovered to be a fraud (because deep down she doesn’t feel worthy of her success).
  • An overwhelmed entrepreneur who is juggling way too much, playing a role in multiple projects and really needs an objective sounding board to nudge her, support her and brainstorm with her without feeling like there’s an alternative agenda.
  • A tired change agent who has focused so much of her energy on her advocacy and social responsibility that she has forgotten her personal “why” and has ignored her own wellbeing and self-care.




Consider this my personal invitation to join The Coffee Collective.  Step into the unknown possibility of what this community could be and let’s collaborate on creating this together.

I’ll admit, this is new for me. I’m not a famous online digital marketing expert with all the bells and whistles and copywriting lingo. What I am is committed…to you, to us and to our collective potential as women making a difference now more than ever.



You'll Receive These Goodies

  • A community of professional women that learns together 
  • Exclusive content on living and leading with purpose
  • Discounts on courses for personal and professional development
  • LIVE sessions where we have coffee and conversation (no matter where you are in the world) that inspires you and teaches you skills for conscious living and conscious leading
  • A private community forum right inside the membership community as well as share comments, questions and suggestions with one another within the community platform. 
  • VIP Level Access option for individual, private coaching
  • Exclusive personal and professional development events
  • Special invitations to retreats in Ecuador
  • The ability to collaborate on topics that interest you
  • Access to special guest speakers, experts in the fields of women in leadership, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, self-care and career management







  • To contribute my best content and creative ideas based on my intuition and life and work experience. 
  • To lovingly hold your feet to the fire so you can get the most out of being here.
  • To be available to help you with your individual challenges.
  • I plan to rely on live video conversations (by ZOOM) that engage the group and allow for everyone to contribute if they choose to. (As an introvert this really challenges me. I must practice what I preach!)
  • New content will be available for free or discounted for members only.
  • Special invitations to members only events (online and in person including a retreat in Ecuador).
  • A private community forum right inside the membership community as well as share comments, questions and suggestions with one another within the community platform. 
  • Because of my extensive global network you'll enjoy special guest speakers, and experts in their fields, join us for video chats - conversations over coffee.


If you know of someone who would enjoy this community, by all means, let her know by sharing the link to this page.


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